Monday, July 30, 2007

Angelic Souls

Hey people, I found this chat site not too long ago called It has chats, forums, and all kinds of games that you play for points. With those points you can turn into cash or prizes, which I think is really cool. They have Uno Tournaments and my personal favorite, Pick 3. Awesome game, and really easy way to win points. There's also a game where you can dig--I don't know how you dig in cyberspace, but anyways--and you can win points or items like rings (ex. Black Diamond Rings, Ruby Rings, etc.) and trade those or turn them in for points. You can even have bidding wars over them, which is extremely fun. They just started an Uno Tournament and Trivia Tournament, which aren't my cup of tea but I know you people out there might like them.

I really like the forum on this site 'cause you can make your own threads, post whatever you want (in the correct thread, of course,) whenever you want. You could even give out points for posting on your thread if you want to increase the traffic to it. I'm thinking about doing it for my 'Life's Little Mysteries' thread, which is all about the weird things that happen to people (post your weird experience there!) but I don't have that many points yet, since I just started out.

I don't think I've ever met nicer people than I have on that site. It's not overloaded with pervs and creeps, which is probably the main reason that I love going there. I've had more than my share of creeps in my life, in person and on the internet. Not to mention, a psycho that's loose and preying on the innocent, which I plan on putting a stop too. Too much information, probably, but, oh well. There's some people on there that are very special to me. First, and foremost, is Amber--she's one of the mods--who is always there when you need to talk about your problems. FallingFool, or Nat, is another special person. She's always there to lift you up when you're feeling down. Another of my personal favs is Cammy. She's got an oven in the bun--I mean a bun in the oven--kinda like a sheath in a sword, right?--which makes her even more special in my eyes. Yes, I love children, and want to have many sets of twins--that way, they'll never be truly alone--when its the right time. I'm getting way off subject, but anywho... I know--or hope--that most of you readers out there are made of decent material.

What I like absolutely the most about the chat is that there's not hundreds of people in one chat room at once. It's a more personal chat, where instead of knowing one or two people out of fifty, you know everyone. It's quite like we're a close-knit little family. I love it that way.

Check it out people! I know you'll love the threads, and the interaction with the natives. *wink wink* If I had a good time there, I know you will. Check it out and if you have any questions about it just post a comment.

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