Sunday, July 29, 2007

Broken Dreams

Nothing is what it seems anymore
What I heard about you I thought was lore
I saw something I couldn’t ignore
I can’t go on as I did before
This is something I need to explore
So, please don’t shut the door

I know now that everything I ever knew
Was a tormenting lie I couldn’t undo
But what I want in life I can’t pursue
I can’t start over ‘cause I’m not through with you
What you said has got to be untrue
Everything I have ever done was all for you

I try so hard but I can’t seem to mend
These things that I can no longer contend
But I can no longer pretend
That we’re anything more than friends
No more now than we were back then
This relationship has got to end

Why am I still here trying to amend
All the things we did back then?
I don’t need to make an excuse
For all the things we did in our youth
Is it so wrong to look back on the good times we had?
I realize now that I was nothing to you but the latest fad

So now, what’s your next move?
Who’s the next person you’re going to ruin?
If you keep tampering with everything
And discarding everyone’s feelings
One day it’ll all come back to you

After everything I’ve seen you do
I want nothing more to do with you
I just want you to know this
You’re not someone I’m going to miss
I’m putting this all in the past

And I’m moving on at last

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