Sunday, July 29, 2007


“What do you know?
What do they know?
What does anyone know?”

She cried into the night
Sobbing into the pillow
Wishing everything was alright
Bruises cover her face
Another night, another fight

She tries to hide the marks
But anyone can see them, even in the dark
She smiles and laughs with everyone else
The pain in her eyes is obvious
One of these days she’ll be found without a pulse
He holds her hand, acting chivalrous

She’s on the floor again
Trying to hold it in
He kicks her, inhumane
She bites her lip to keep it in
He pulls her up by the hair
Her agonized screams fill the air

Now, the doctors want her to explain
Her arm is broken, a rib cracked
It’s easy to see her pain
They stand there and demand the facts
Everyone knows what really happened
’Cause he’s in the waiting room
The roses in his hands in full bloom


Still, she goes back to him
I want to know why she can’t see
That’s she standing on a breaking limb
One day, too soon, she’ll be
In the hospital comatose
Blue and black from his blows
Close, its too damn close
She stays and no one knows
Why she stays and never goes


One more time is a guarantee
Next time I won’t be picking her up
But laying her down
Six feet under
Far below the ground
I drop the flowers one by one
Fat drops soak me as it thunders

“What do you know?
What do they know?
What does anyone know?”

I scream into the churning sky
Lightning claws its way through the clouds
Saying goodbye to you does something to me I can’t deny
And here I stand, telling you my vow

I will never forget you
I’m waiting for you to reply
Everything we’ve been through
But I know that I
Will never see your face again
Never hear your voice again
I stand here and scream:

"What do you know?
What do they know?
What does anyone know?"

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