Monday, July 30, 2007

Locked Out

This is just a sample of my everyday life; all the things that go wrong and should never have happened! Okay, so a few nights ago at 7:50 PM, my mum decides that we need some basics for breakfast the next day. The store closes at 8PM. She does this at least twice a week. Well, after the guilt trip, "I'm hurting like hell. If you're not going to do it, I'll have to!" And of course I don't want her in more pain! So, with grumbling assent, I go to the store. There's two cars in the parking lot, so I get as close as I can to the sliding doors and make a wild dash inside. Instead of pushing a cart through the store I just grab a basket since there are only 6 things on the list. Smart idea? One would think so. Un-uh.
By the time I'm done rushing around the store--and cause I'm wearing my sandals and slipping and sliding all over the place like I'm wearing socks, I'm now huffing and puffing--I have a 2-liter Diet Pepsi, Half & Half cream, a full gallon of milk, Strawberry and Cookies 'n Cream Poptarts, two half-gallons of Apple Juice, and one loaf of bread. When I get to the check out, the bread is semi-smashed, and it’s past 8:00PM--closing time. Shitzo! Now, the clerk is pissed and giving me the Stink Eye as I puff my way out the store and put the groceries on the hood, and open the door. Only... the door won't open!
Here's my dilemma, I took my mum's car, which happens to be a monstrosity of a Station Wagon, not my own, and out of habit--since I live in a small town--I left the car keys in the ignition! Well, I dash to every door and they're all locked, even the back door! Alright, at least I didn't leave my purse and therefore my cell phone in the car. I almost did though! I called my mum and told her what happened and she drove my brother's car to give me the spare key to the car, all the time grinning like the Cheshire cat in Alice In Wonderland.
Here's the part that makes you go, "Huh?" The locking mechanism on my mum's car is difficult to use. You have to press really hard to get the lock to turn on and the same to turn it off! You can't just bump it and automatically lock yourself out of the car. I clearly remember not locking the door. Not to mention the annoyingly loud click which sounds more like a clunk when the lock button is pressed! So, if I had pressed the lock button, I would've heard the doors lock; there was no such sound. So, just how did all the doors get locked? Anyways, that's just one example of all the unexplainable shit that happens to me.

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