Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Life

Okay, people, really weird stuff is happening to me right now. I'm officially freaked. No more posts for a while. So, don't scoff at the emptiness of my blog, k?

I'm just adding to the previous post ^ so what I'm about to type makes maybe a little bit of sense to all you people out there. Last night my mum asked me if I had any triple A batteries for a remote that was going haywire. I said I might and went upstairs to check my room but I couldn't find them. As I was headed down the stairs, she called up and asked if I could check my brother's room if he had a different remote in there. I shrugged and jogged back up the stairs and walked into my brother's room. Before I could flip the switch on my gaze was drawn immediately to the middle of his room. There stood a very tall (
at least 6 feet) and slender woman. From her outline, I could see that she had long golden hair that went halfway to her elbows and that she was wearing a white dress with such long sleeves that only her fingertips were visible. Her head was crooked to the side slightly. Unnerved, I took a step back and fumbled for the light switch. After a second that seemed to last forever, the light flicked on and the woman was gone. I darted downstairs, leaving my brother's light on.
Now, I've seen things and known things that I should never been able to all my life but... since I've turned 19, which was a month and a half ago, the things I've been seeing, hearing, and knowing, has increased tenfold.
For as long as I can remember, I've had a man follow me. I'm not talking about a stalker, I'm talking about a spirit. I told my mum not too long ago about a recurring dream I've had since I was really little. I would wake up, get out of bed and go by the window, which was really low. The windowsill was only two feet off the floor. I was wearing a white cotton nightgown, and my long brown hair went way past my shoulders. I would lay my palms on the windowsill and look through the screen. A tall shadowed man stood under an oak tree, staring at me. I couldn't see his eyes, but I could tell by the angle of his head, not to mention the feeling that flooded through me. Headstones were everywhere. In other words, my backyard was a graveyard. I wasn't frightened, just curious. They say children are more comfortable or understanding of the ethereal, which would explain why I was unafraid then, and somewhat unnerved now.
When I told my mum about this recurring dream, her jaw fell and she stared at me. "It's not a dream, Sara," she told me. "When you were two, we moved from Boulder (which is in Colorado, the town where I was born) to Chicago. We lived in a house that was right next to a graveyard. In fact, the backyard was the graveyard." She went through explaining the how the house was located and how it looked, and that oak trees had been scattered throughout the graveyard. She asked me if that man was the same one that had been appearing in my room night after night. "Yes," I answered immediately. That night I told this man that I wasn't ready for him, that I needed time to adjust to everything that was happening. He disappeared and didn't show up for months, until a crisis occurred that showed my brother and I just how close life and death are. By now, I know he's my Spirit Guide.
Yes, many of you might think me a little bit off my rocker, or that I have a few screws loose, but some of you out there will understand what I've written, because you'll have experienced similar things yourselves.

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