Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nature's Little Miracles

I've been thinking lately, why are people so sure that animals don't have souls and plants aren't living, breathing creatures? Slow down people. Pick a favorite tree of yours or just one that you're drawn to. Lay down on the grass or against the trunk and just watch the tree's limbs or leaves on a windless day. You can see them breathing. You'll know when you see it.
If you treat plants like they're living, breathing souls, just like us, you'll see a huge difference. Things have been happening lately and I haven't gone out side and talked to them for a while... the trees were drooping, and the flowers were becoming more and more scarce. So I went out there for about an hour and so and told the trees and plants that I wasn't ignoring their beauty, that I was just having hard times, and haven't been able to come out and admire them as much as I used to. I also told the nymph's and faeries (who make things grow) that I wasn't ignoring them, either. That I still appreciated the way they cared for the living things in ways that many others (us humans) don't. Two weeks later the pine trees that had been bent sideways 'cause of a heavy snowstorm we had had were standing perfectly straight. The flowers are in full bloom. Daffodils, columbines, liliesand our new addition, rosesare shooting up everywhere. We've never planted roses, or had so many of these flowers before. Now they're everywhere in our back and front yards...
The message here people, is that you need to appreciate nature and all the little creatures that give them life. One of these days, try thisespecially if your backyard is a total messtalk to them. Tell them you appreciate them. Trust me, you'll see the difference.

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