Monday, August 20, 2007


My eyes gleamed as I licked the blade
And watched the light fade
The fire died, leaving the air
Permeated with the stench
Of burning flesh
That would make most men retch
But not me for I work with death
Now sirens fill the air
And I grin insanely and glare
Into the darkness and change my stance
So when they come, they wont have a chance
I’ll cut their throats before they can take a step
Now, as the first one falls to the floor
Into the darkness I quickly sidestep
And get ready for the desirous gore
My eyes gleamed as I licked the blade
The others come for more
Except more is what I’ll get
And they'll lose life's bet
Ooh, here come more of them
I wait in the darkness, ready to condemn
Those good 'ol boys to the depths of hell
My blade slices through the air and its sharpness impales
Their throats and I grin in satisfaction
As blood spurts across my clothes
The others pour in, looking around in distraction
Knife raised, I dart at my foes
They look at me in surprise, but too late
I slice their necks in half
The warm spurting blood seals their fate
As they fall to the floor, I laugh and laugh and laugh
My work here is done
I think I’ll go next door
I grin insanely as I know I have just begun
Death calls and I know he wants more
So, yes, I think I’ll go next door!

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