Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yet Again They Come

Again, last night, they (ghosts) came into my room. This is becoming a nightly ritual, and very annoying. At first I didn't sense them, but as I begun to fall asleep, and my mind became more perceptive, I felt someone standing in my room. I tried keeping my eyes open but they kept shutting on me. Not two minutes later, a voice hissed "Hey!" in my ear. That was it. I was exhausted and sooooo not in the mood for another night of keeping my light on. I told them in a thick, sleepy voice, "Go away. You're not welcome here." I would've done it as soon as I entered my room, but I hadn't felt anyone then.
Seconds after I told it to go away, I heard heavy footsteps walk from almost right next to my bed out of my room and down the hall towards the stairs. The footsteps were accompanied by heavy breathing. That was just last night.
A few nights ago, it felt like someone was tugging on my sheets. I couldn't be sure 'cause I had my fan on me, so I readjusted the sheets and after a second or two, the tugging started again. I turned over to see a little boy standing next to my bed. He was a little taller than my desk and had dirty blond hair that was cut short, like to his earlobes. His eyes were a sky-blue and staring at me intensely. One small fist clenched my sheet. Without words he(telepathically) called me "Mama," which, needless to saybut I willfreaked me out. I quickly flicked the light on and he disappeared.
I know some of the things I experience have to be imprints. Imprints are residual energy that are left over from a moment in time. For example, two people are in the kitchen, drinking coffee and laughing. That's what you think, because you smell the aroma of coffee and hear two different voices laughing and talking to each other. You peek into your clean and very empty kitchen. The coffee pot is empty and the chairs tucked under the table. What did you hear, then?
Let me start over. Think of a moist area of soil. You walk over it and what do you leave? Footprints, right? Now, those footprints are remnants of not just the people who made them, but also of their emotions at the time those footprints were made. Positive and negative energies alike get suspended in time. Like the example I mentioned earlier, that would be a positive imprint. A negative imprint would be like walking into a room and getting a really bad feeling, an oppressive feeling. That would be the result of a violent fight between two or more people. Their negative energies and feelings became stuck in time. That's an imprint.
Other times it's painfully obvious that whatever's there, in my room or somewhere else, is a ghost. They either don't know they're dead, or they're hanging around for one reason or another. Most likely they have unfinished business and need a message to be given to a relative or friend. Other times they're haunting, or watching over someone. It all depends.
Have you ever had your phone ring and the ID is the cell phone number of your recently deceased brother or cousin? Or have you ever felt someone pat you on the back or leg, as if trying to calm you down? Something that your deceased mother would do when she knew you were having a hard time.
I've had every one of those things happen to me and I don't doubt that at least one of these things have happened to any of you. Well, that's my experiences for the past week. I wonder what will happen this week.

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