Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Lumberjack Ghost

In the past couple of weeks I've started seeing this huge, burly man. I mean huge! He's very muscular and quite tall. His thick dark brown hair was cropped close to his head, as was his beard. His hair was so dark as to look nearly black.
What drew me in, though, were his inquisitive eyes. I didn't get any negative feelings off of him. His demeanor was one of confusion and he acted surprised that I saw him, or rather that, he saw me. An "What are you doing here?" aura radiated from him. They say that "Eyes are the windows to the soul." I'm not sure who "they" are, but I wholly agree with "them." This man does not have a mean bone in his body. If I hadn't felt that, I would be able to tell by his eyes.
Something just occurred to me. Byron isn't a ghost haunting this ancient home at all. My experience with this man is the result of a bleed-through. A bleed-through is where the past and present become fused into one. So, while in my mind, Byron was intruding upon my space, Byron is probably coming to the same conclusion about myself. I'm there in his space, literally in his time, I guess I should say. Bleed-throughs are often mistaken for visits by spirits and hauntings or appearances by ghosts. Next time you think you're experiencing a bleed-through, not a visitation of a spirit from The Other Side or a ghost stuck on earth, go to the nearest library and do some research on the area of land that you live on. Anyways, on with my story.
He's appeared to me several times now (which is leaving me to believe that the energy concentrated in my house is extremely powerful.) It wasn't until I was telling my mum about this whole experience that his name finally came to me: Byron. More information poured in as I spoke. He was a lumberjack in the mid-1860's and had moved in this house (may I remind you that it is well over 140 years old) with his wife, Sally, soon after it had been built. Today, the area in where I live is quite woody. Back in the 1860's the whole area was just woods. For miles and miles and miles, there was absolutely nothing but woodland.
Sally was a small woman, barely five feet tall. For such a tiny woman, she was full of life, her bubbly personality infected everyone around her. Her honey-colored hair was naturally curly. Her golden-brown eyes were warm and sparkled with humor. And though Byron was a reserved and quiet man, he smiled easily and was pleasant company. While Sally and Byron were as different as summer and winter, they loved each other dearly.
As I'm concentrating on these people, more and more information about their life together is flooding through me. In the past, I've gotten little flashes, like a mini-movie showing in my mind. But now, as I write this, it's not a movie. It's... difficult... to explain. It's like a 3-D movie, unfolding in my mind. No, that's not right. It's like I'm actually there, watching these events that include this devoted couple unfold. This is new in every way, shape, and form, for me. The things I see and know have gotten much more detailed, and quite intense. I wonder what will happen when I meditate tonight. Each time I mediate, I find something new that I'm able to do or see. I wonder what I'll find tonight that I'm also able to do.
I wonder...

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