Sunday, October 28, 2007


The pain… the pain…
It hurts so much
But I know
It’ll all be over soon
I hold my hands up
So I can see
My life-blood
Pour out of me

Soon it’ll be over
And God, I hope
That Death
Will come swiftly
And take me away
From this Hell
I’ve been living in
For far too long

I feel cold now
And my wrists
Don’t hurt anymore
Dizzy, I lay down
Flat on my back
And notice that
The ceiling’s spinning
How odd…

And now whispers
Fill the room
I know
What they’re saying
I smile
And welcome
The darkness
That’s come at last

Where Do We Go When We Die

Please tell me…
I want to know…
Where it is
That we go
When we die
Do we follow people around?
Or just stay buried in the ground?
Do we go to heaven instead?
Does heaven even exist?
What lies ahead?
Or do we just turn into dust?
How would you know?
Have you been there?
And what can you tell
Me about hell?
That’s what I thought
You’re bluffing…

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fearless Death

My heart cries
Its sobs drain
My pulse weakens
It won't be long now

They're throwing flowers
And dripping tears
Surrounded by darkness
I let go of my fears

The bitter cold
Permeates my skin
I can't breathe
Or live within

Can't remember what I've done
Memories are fading away
So many things lost
As I cease to exist today

My heart cries
Its sobs drain
My pulse weakens
It won't be long now...

Death Beckons

I've come so far
Allowed my blood to run
My sight is failing
Now that my work is done

I don't know if it was worth it
The blood is trickling now
My veins almost empty
What has it all been for?

Why can't we see the future?
Or change the past?
There must be a way
To let go at last

The blood is pouring now
Staining the stone bricks
Telling my story forevermore
There's nothing left to fix

The blood has drained
Sealing my fate now
Death whispers
In my ear

"Everything is fine now
Close your eyes
Sleep comes so easy
Just go to sleep now
Your work is done"

Thursday, October 4, 2007


It’s 10 at night and the phone’s ringin’
He’s not home and my heart’s screamin’
It’s 10 at night and the phone’s ringin’
He's out getting away with his schemin'

I know what he’s going to say
I’ll say it’s fine but I’m not okay
‘Cause I’m home alone every night
While he’s out there and it’s not right

I’m sick of all the explanations he’s makin’
Tears drip down my face as I sit here drinkin’
I feel asleep and I’ve tried wakin’
I can’t stop these things I’m thinkin’

I pick it up and hear his voice
He’s telling me like I’ve got a choice
He’s working late again, he explains
And I’m home alone again

What you’re doing is unforgivin’
Filling me with this horrible achin’
I don’t know if this life is worth livin’
Baby, it’s my heart you’re breakin’!

An Odd Expression

I tried and tried and tried
When that didn't work
I cried and cried and cried
And when that didn't work
I lied and lied and lied
Through all of that
In a correct saying
The dog was eaten by the cat!

A Cat's Regret

Cough—Ack; hairball—cough
Why do I—cough—lick
—the fur—cough—off
My—cough—body?—cough, cough.


Was was that?
Did you see it?
Damn, it's so foggy...
Wait, did you hear that?
I thought I heard something
Do you even know
Where we're going?
Okay... Okay! Sorry!
(Brief pause)
Are you sure?
Ouch! That hurt!


You don't know what I know
You know what I don't know
So, how is what I know
The same as what you know?
That, I don't know
But what I do know
Helps you know
That I know
What you don't know...
Got it?

Sick Of These People

I’m sick of this life
And all the people in it
The people who never think, just act
The people who never ask, just assume
The people who never give, just take
The people who use and abuse
Until the other person has nothing left to lose

I’m sick of this life
And all the phonies in it
The people who act like they’re somebody
Like they’re better than everybody else
When they’re really nobody at all

I’m sick of this life
And all the liars in it
The people who lie to ruin
Everything others built up
I’m sick of it all

And wouldn’t you
Feel the same
If they did this to you
And then let you have the blame?

And wouldn’t you
Get away from what you ought
To do and let it all go so that you
Could forget everything you once thought?

Let it all go
Get away from
Everything you know
Before you become
One of them!

I Couldn't Imagine

I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to fall through space, to feel weightless as sweet-smelling air flew by me, or the majestic scene of mountains in the distance or the multi-colored hue of a canyon’s cliffs as the ground came closer and closer.
I couldn't tell you the freedom that'd spread through me if I could be a bird diving through the sky, my wings curled in as I rushed towards the ground then at the last second spread them and soar mere inches off sweet-scented grass or water sparkling like diamonds.
And I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like with your arms wrapped around me, to hear your musical lilting laughter, to be lifted and twirled and tossed in the air only to be caught before I hit the ground. What it would mean to me…
And I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to look into your sky-blue eyes once more, to see them crinkle in mirth, to touch those rosy lips that took my breath away, to hear your murmured whispers that would force me to answer you just so I could hear them again.
What I wouldn’t give to see you again, to touch you again, to hear your voice again.
What I wouldn’t give…