Thursday, October 4, 2007


It’s 10 at night and the phone’s ringin’
He’s not home and my heart’s screamin’
It’s 10 at night and the phone’s ringin’
He's out getting away with his schemin'

I know what he’s going to say
I’ll say it’s fine but I’m not okay
‘Cause I’m home alone every night
While he’s out there and it’s not right

I’m sick of all the explanations he’s makin’
Tears drip down my face as I sit here drinkin’
I feel asleep and I’ve tried wakin’
I can’t stop these things I’m thinkin’

I pick it up and hear his voice
He’s telling me like I’ve got a choice
He’s working late again, he explains
And I’m home alone again

What you’re doing is unforgivin’
Filling me with this horrible achin’
I don’t know if this life is worth livin’
Baby, it’s my heart you’re breakin’!

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