Saturday, November 3, 2007

Dead or Alive?

Am I dead or am I alive?
These dreams I’m having
Make me cringe inside
But no matter how hard I try
Things never come out
The way they’re meant to be
I try to run and hide
From these things that hunt me
From these things that won’t go away
I cover my ears and scream for silence
In the fissure of time
I see scenes of violence
I hear silent screams of pain
I feel daggers pierce my skin
Will it ever end?
I walk through endless halls
Scenes flash before my eyes
Scarlet splatters smear the walls
It’s my blood that’s spilling
Now it’s just empty space I’m filling
In a rectangular box
Deep below the ground
Don’t keep throwing rocks
You know I won’t be found
But that’s how this story goes
It’s something no one knows
Yet, death is the beginning
Until the very end…

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