Thursday, January 31, 2008

50-Word Stories

“What are you doing?” asked Hobbes.
“I’m discovering worlds!” Calvin shouted enthusiastically.
“Are these worlds those marbles you’re holding in your hand?” Hobbes inquired.
“Their infinitesimal size may fool you, but inside these diminutive globes of glass lay galaxies waiting to be discovered!”
“Well, they could be!” Calvin shouted.

Dedicated to Calvin & Hobbes, the best comic strip out there!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Brian glanced around the massive room, lights flickering and buttons galore. I wonder, he pondered, if I push just one button, what could possibly go wrong? He struggled with himself, quickly losing the battle. Darting forward, he struck the monstrous red button.
“The flood gate is opening!” someone screeched.

Dedicated to my button-obsessed twin. This one's for you Bro!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Look! We got a package!” Josh chortled stupidly.
“Do you hear that ticking?” Dennis asked.
“Yeah. So?” Josh bent down to pick it up.
“No! Wait! Don’t!” Dennis cried but he was too late.
An explosion rocked the vicinity.
“What in the hell was that?” a neighbor asked his spouse.

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