Monday, January 21, 2008

Diamonds, toys, political prisoners... SAY WHAT?

I've had very weird dreams lately. They vary from heists to animal sanctuaries to sexual abuse. Now, how can a person understand those all bunched together? So strange... My dreams have taken an unexceptionally odd twist to themselves.
The one I had last night was probably about the most confusing, yet the most hilarious dream I've had in a long time. It started out with a diamond heist that went well until we triggered the alarm--luckily after we had gotten the diamonds--$8 million worth! Well, my two (both men)
comrades and I hightailed it out of the back hallways and into... get this!... and into a toy store. Yeah, you read that right, we were stealing diamonds in a toy store. Well, the guards were closing in, so we tipped over stands, and all kinds of balls went rolling: basketballs, marbles, beach balls, bouncy balls--you name it, they went a-rollin'! And while they were slipping and sliding, we made our getaway. We walked--not ran--walked away, to look inconspicuous, I guess, and it worked. We were blocks away before we heard sirens. To get our bearings, we did a B&E into a mobile home that was currently uninhabited. Once safely inside, we fine-tuned our plans, which were--believe it or not--the details of breaking out political prisoners from prison.
That's right, we pulled off an $8 million diamond heist in the back of a toy store to break out political prisoners.
Try deciphering that one!
Well, while we were planning, the owner came home from shopping, I assume, due to the fact that she had groceries in her arms. We pretended as if we were Advertisers and reeled out our spur-of-the-moment schpele. We were nearly done talking with her when someone started knocking on the door. We waited, frozen, while the lady opened the door. Our fears were unfounded, they were just kids selling cookies. I had some cash on me, so I bought her some Oatmeal Raisin cookies. My comrades protested that, but I told them, "No good deed goes unpunished." And it turned out I was right. As it happens, not too much later after we had left, she was questioned by the authorities, and denied ever seeing us, let alone talking with us. And that's all she wrote! That's all I remember of that dream. One of my weirdest dreams yet, I'll tell ya that!

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