Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Unexplainable Dream

It's been a while since my last post, an infinite amount of experiences, thoughts... moments, have gone by. I have to get this down, before I forget it; it's one of the most unusual dreams I've had--forgoing my past lives that come to me in my dreamstate.
The first half of this dream is a blur. The part I remember most vividly, is where three people, myself included, are huddled together for warmth, a thin, ragged blanket covering us--them more than me (you know, chivalry hadn't died yet and my two male companions had offered me--the only female--the blanket). This was for a reason, one of them had a broken leg and needed the warmth more than we did. We had radioed for help, which was coming, but not fast enough. It seemed like we sat, shuddering, in that gorge forever. I better give a little better description of our surroundings, just so you know how desolate a situation we were stuck in.
We were climbing in the Himalayan Mountains (not Mount Everest--just clarifying) and we were on our way down when--well, let's call the climber whose name escapes me at the moment, Jim--when Jim broke his leg. He fell, his leg getting caught in between a crevice; we caught him before he could fall to his death. We managed to get down far enough that we could radio the others at what I assumed was base camp--more than Jim could handle; we couldn't get him to go any farther, and I don't blame him--I wouldn't want to be in his position, feeling such pain.
We managed to find shelter from the harsh winds in a gorge, or rocky corridor with walls so high we couldn't see over their edges. Finally, after a long wait, help came. They first brought Jim down to safety, then came back for us.
Now, here's the really weird part.
We were led down the mountainsides, which, amazingly, led directly into a room. I turned and looked from whence we came, and I could see just the beginnings of the mountain, or mountains, plural, the very base of them. It looked like a rainforest's tree's trunk: roots above the ground, thin, long, tall--connecting high up on the tree's trunk. The ceiling of the room cut off the rest of the mountains--we could only see the first hundred feet or so, the height of the room. Stunned at what I was seeing I turned and looked down into the room we were being led into. The rocky passage turned into a long, narrow staircase. Delightful warmth spread through me. I stopped short after descending some unknown amount of steps, my mouth gaping. In the front of this immense room were three, enormous connected windows. Countless people I hadn't seen before were standing here and there, mostly by the windows, talking quietly.
After a sharp exhale, my mouth still gaping, I slowly walked down the rest of the stairs, my eyes fixed on what lay beyond those windows. It couldn't be, I had thought to myself. But, then, what else in the dream had been normal or explainable?
In a haze I approached the windows. People turned to stare at me as I passed, but I didn't pay them any attention. My eyes were fixated on what I thought had to be a hallucination. Outside of those windows was planet Earth. And the area of Earth that I could see seemed to be Asia. Specifically the Himalayan Mountain Range.
With that, I woke up, leaving me to wonder what the meaning of this dream is, what the significance of this dream is. I find it too much of a coincidence that we were climbing in the Himalayans, then come down into what must only be some kind of spaceship, looking at the same area of our planet that we were climbing in? It was too weird, too unusual, too... complex.

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