Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Past and The Future

We take so much in this life for granted, and I am tired of it. I look at the past and wonder. I wonder what my life--what everyone's life--would be like if the British had won the Revolutionary War; what it would be like if slavery was still a common practice; what it would be like if Women's Suffrage--if the will of the women who led this cause, one of them being my ancestor, didn't exist.
I look at the past, and it makes me wonder, what will happen today? In the future? Now we're fighting a war that isn't a war. More than 4,000 soldiers have died fighting this "war"--about a thousand more than the amount of people died in the World Trade Centers, give or take a few hundred. And the toll is only rising.

It makes me wonder...
Our economy is spiraling downward. More people are selling their property, such as inherited jewelry, or antique furniture that's been in their family for years, decades to centuries in time, just so they can buy food for their children. Stimulus checks? Yeah, those were created to "stimulate" the economy--meaning, the government is hoping the people who get them are going to go buy cars, boats, and go on vacations. No, this is an illusion. People are going to use that money to pay their bills, to buy food for their family so they can eat, and to pay for gas so they can get to work and make pennies on the dollar so they can try to support their family. I, of course, am talking about the middle class--the people who are struggling more than ever to survive while Millionaires, major corporations, and entrepreneurs get tax cuts.
More than ever, families are being foreclosed on by banks and forced out of their homes because they can't pay their mortgage. Here's some statistics for you: In 2005 there were a reported 885,468 foreclosures. In 2006, the amount was up to over one million; to be precise, it was 1,259,118 foreclosures. And in 2007, that amount nearly doubled to a whopping 2,203,295 foreclosures, that's 79% higher than in 2006. This appalling trend will continue until something is done about it.
Still, I wonder.
Forget about all the wars, the diseases, the poverty that consumes this world. What about Global Warming? And no, people, this is not a MYTH! It is a founded fact that nearly 1,000 scientists and climatologists have no doubt is true. Glaciers and ice shelves all over the world are disappearing, and it's assumed that in the next 50 years they will all be gone. I think this is the mother of all misconceptions, with people crossing their fingers and wishing that they will last that long. In my opinion, they'll all be gone by the year 2020. Look up pictures of the glaciers on Mount Kilimanjaro, and the glaciers in Glacier National Park. Some more statistics for you. In 1900, Glacier National Park had over 126 named glaciers; today there are 25. Twenty five!!! If that's not a warning, I don't know what is. And what about the Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica? Scientists thought it would be years before the Antarctic was affected by Global Warming. They got one hell of a wake-up call. Between January 21st and March 7th of 2002, in less than six weeks, the Shelf--about the size of Rhode Island--broke apart and disintegrated and disappeared into the Sea.
The seas are rising. Pacific Islands, most barely 8 feet above sea level, are currently being swallowed by rising waters. New Zealand is one of the countries in negotiation of relocating these environmental refugees. If the all of the ice in Greenland melts, sea levels will rise 20 feet. If all the ice in Antarctica melts, we'll see another 20 feet rise in sea level.
Global Warming is not just being attributed to most of the ice on the planet disappearing, but also for the drive of this catastrophic weather. Remember New Orleans? Does Hurricane Katrina ring any bells? During the Summer of 2005, there were 26 hurricanes. At one time, there were 3--three!--named hurricanes in the North Atlantic. Three at once!
Now, History books are having to be rewritten. In March of 2004, the first hurricane ever to exist in the Southern Hemisphere, smashed into Brazil.
It's the misled media, paid for by lobbyists, and oil-companies--not to mention the politicians who've purposely ignored the warnings, including our President. I can only hope, now that I am of voting age, that I can make a difference, however small it may be, in this world. That this coming election, I will vote for someone who I believe can change this country's misconceptions about what's really going on in this world.
And yet, I wonder.
No, this country is in a downward spiral, and unless some drastic changes are made soon, I fear that our children will pay for our mistakes, for our parents mistakes, and for our deluded politicians mistakes.

It is time to make a change. Are you up to the challenge?
Here are some sites you can check out about Global Warming and what you can do to lessen the amount of Carbon Emissions into the atmosphere: (Click on Take Action to see what you can do to reduce your carbon emissions)
Or go to Google and type in "Carbon Footprint." Sites will pop up that can help you reduce your own carbon emissions into the atmosphere.
"What's My Carbon Footprint" is another great site you can check out. Every little bit helps.