Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apostle Islands, Day 4

July 23rd
6:30 A.M.
Mark just died a dramatic death--choking on sausage. I wonder if I'll get the signal. Loons just floated by on the lake. This morning I woke up due to a bright light in my face; I looked outside to see the sun half out of the lake. I had to take a picture.

Sunrise at 5:30 A.M.

Hah, Mark just stated how hard it's going to be to choose a person to be the "Garbage Barge" since everybody has helped out during the trip.

7:20 A.M.
Joe and then Bruce died a dramatic death. Joe fell off a log into the water and "drowned", while Bruce tripped and "broke" his neck.
A few minutes later...
Mike J. just died his horrible death--death from excessive diarrhea. He ran out of the out house with sand and water covering the back of his jeans, and collapsed on the ground. The best death yet!

There he is. Too bad I didn't
get a picture of him before
Mark wiped the sand off.
Rest in peace!

Few more minutes later...
Jessica died a yoga death. She was on her hands and the tips of her toes, flipped over and died.
We're getting ready to go look at the sea caves (4-mile round paddle) and this time I'm bringing my camera. Afterwards, we're coming back for lunch, and then... then maybe a 6-mile round journey to York Island.

Well, the 1st half of the trip went well; I found several milky quartz and white sand glass before we left. The caves and the view was amazing! One was so small that I had to lean back as far as I could go, and still I had to push against the sandstone to push the kayak deeper into the water and my nose still got scraped!
Afterwards, we tossed rubber chickens and sponges around--which was fun. But, on our way back, before we went through the caves, my glasses broke. They can't be fixed; I need to buy new ones. They need a new frame and cannot be taped. My good mood is now over. I'm not going to York Island. What's the point when you can't see anything in detail? I'm not going to lessen the experience here by glaring and staring at something I can't see clearly. I'll just stay here and relax--I need it. Oh, by the way, Martha--Mike's wife--died by choking. On what? I don't know.

1:30 P.M.
I just got back from walking the beach after lunch which--for me--consisted of dried and sweetened fruit. After my sparse lunch, I went down on the beach and sang the "girls'" song with Heidi, Jess, Martha, Brooke, Kathy, and Jessica. When we were done with that, I walked the beach--actually in the water, across the sand dunes--looking for rocks, minerals/crystals, and sand glass. I found some beautiful milky quartz minerals with either red or blue cracks or streaks in them. They were beautiful. Did I say that already?
Oh, I also found some granite as well--they had really cool facets on them!
When I came back, Heidi and Jessica were doing yoga. Heidi taught me a few positions and stretches that really helped my lower back. Later I came up to hear Mark telling stories of past "students".
They're heading out on their kayaks, now; just pushing offshore as I'm writing this. Finally on their way to York Island Bay. I wish I felt up to it--emotionally and physically. But I'm sure I couldn't make the trip; the waves and wind were against them.
Quick note: When I was listening to Mark, a bald eagle flew overhead. I could see only it's shadow, but several other people exclaimed it to be so. This makes me wonder...
I haven't written my song yet. Did I mention that earlier? I don't remember. Anyways, each of us has to write a song about the Apostle Islands and kayaking. It should be fun and done by the time they get back, but it probably won't be.
Quick note: Last night I saw at least six deer, but I didn't see any come into the camp later that night. I did see, however, a beautiful sunrise--one I'll never forget, that's for sure.

Dinner tonight is Mexican night. Yeah, I know; Mexican was last night as well.
I heard Shawn died a great death on York Island. He went to wash his hands in the water, stumbled and fell. With his face and arms flailing in the water, he drowned. Would've been cool to see, but I'm glad I didn't go; I heard the journey was rough and exhausting--I would have had no energy left for tomorrow. They were gone for nearly 5 hours.
While they were gone, Martha and Jess blew up a pirate doll and put it behind the toilet in the outhouse.
I started the fire just as everyone got back from the trip to York Island. Sadly, my hard work turned out to be a pitiful fire, even thought there was plenty of wood, it went out--burned through--rather quickly. I thought I had it going pretty good before I went to take pictures of Mark and Shawn barrel-rolling their kayaks. Mark tried to attempt a barrel-roll with Mike J. laying over kayak's bow--he didn't quite make a complete roll, but almost! Later on, Shawn and Mark were trying to teach Joe attempt a roll as well. I went back then to check on my fire and lo and behold! It was a smoky pile of ash with a few embers. What the hell... I thought.

The attempt.
See the black shirt and arm
hanging on the side? That's Mike.

The result!

Almost there!

Almost--but not quite.

Shawn's second barrel-roll.
This time it was successful.

Shawn and Mark teaching
Joe how to barrel-roll.

I just went to the hammock to sit in a mildly quiet area so I could focus on writing. When I sat, the hammock popped me up in the air, flipped under my feet and I slammed into the ground flat on my back. I laid there, eyes closed for a moment. There was a brief silence, then shouts of, "Sara?" "Hey, you all right?" "What happened?
What happened? I missed it!?"
Before I had even finished writing
my death, Mike S. twisted and fell to the ground, his chest bulging then decompressing, before suddenly, a rubber chicken flew from under his shirt, and apparently out his chest. A great impersonation of the move Alien. The best death yet!
Again, while we were eating another bald eagle flew overhead. I guess there are dragonflies all over the lake shore; I wouldn't know, I can't see.
Mark locked Jared in the outhouse. Heidi ran to his aid calling, "Honey!" It was so cute. She let him out, and in turn he almost locked
her in until she told him he'd be "sleeping by the fire tonight" if he did. Someone by the campfire shouted, "If you lock her in and leave her there, you won't have to sleep by the fire!" Cracks me up!

I'm in my tent, ready for sleep. It was fun to hear all the songs that everyone wrote. I really liked Heidi and Jared's song, as well as Bruce and Kerry's song, but needless to say, I liked Shawn's the most.
Waves are crashing violently against the shoreline. The guides say we have to leave very early because a storm is coming in later about noon-ish.
Quick note: I took a picture of a squirrel running around by the trash bag tonight. It was a pretty small little bugger, it's tail twitching sporadically.

I'm going to try to get another sunrise on my camera, but Mother Earth may choose to block my attempt with clouds--and the coming thunderstorm.
I still hear people yakking around the campfire. Shut up! I need my sleep! I'm actually falling asleep as I write this, so goodnight, and see you tomorrow.

P.S.: Sunrise the next morning at 6 A.M. My last sunrise over Lake Superior.

Clouds moved in quickly
after the first two pictures.

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