Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apostle Islands, Day 5

July 24th
1:24 P.M.

Well, we're on the rode again (reminds me of the song!), on our way home. We just stopped at McDonald's, a place I rarely go to, in Ashland. $5.11 spent. I woke up this morning about 6, maybe even earlier because all of our tents and bags (dry and otherwise) were packed and ready to go by 7:20. All we had to do was pack the kayaks, clean up the campsite--look for trash that might have been left behind--and then push off.
I took a picture of Petey the Pirate--named after my song! How cool is that?--that Jess and Martha blew up and put behind the toilet in the outhouse. What a great idea!

'Ol Petey the Pirate

By 8:11 we had the kayaks packed and 'Ol Petey strapped behind Shawn's seat. It was so hilarious, having a 3rd passenger on board. I wish I could've gotten a picture of us paddling with him standing on the stern.
It took just over an hour to get back to Sand Island Bay--we almost beat the record time of 57 minutes! We were steadily moving at 3.5 to 4 mph. Or so said Shawn's GPS instrument. The result of our amazing time was due to the fact that throughout our whole passage, there weren't any waves at all, just slight ripples. The calmest Lake Superior had ever been, according to our guides. By the way, we had left our campsite by 8:20.
When we got back to Sand Island Bay, aka Little Sand Bay, we unloaded the boats before completely washing them down--a big job. When we had everything up by the cars, I went through my dry bag and organized my clothing. I wanted to take a shower, but they wanted $2 in quarters, and I only had one--too expensive anyways; so, instead, I went and changed out of my wet suit, which, surprisingly, didn't stink too bad. I'm glad Mum packed the handy wipes--they were great for freshening up before putting my clothes on. As soon as I get home, though, I'm taking a shower and washing/shampooing all that sand from my scalp!
Afterwards, when we were all together, I asked everybody for their full names and e-mail addresses so I could send them the pictures of us on the bridge, then I requested another picture of everyone in front of the kayaks so everyone would be in that picture. I had taken a picture while most of the group was hiking to a waterfall, but we were missing three people then.
Before we departed, everyone sat down in front of the map of the Apostle Islands and tossed around a imaginary remote; each of us had to tell our favorite moment of the trip. I had three:
1. Watching the Moon rise orange and huge, as well as staring at the Milky Way, constellations such as the Big Dipper and Cassiopeia, and orbiting satellites.
2. Watching the Sun come up the next morning. I'll miss them. We should be home in 5 or 6 hours, now.
3. Towing Petey the Pirate

A quick picture of where we shoved
off, and kayaked to Sand Island.

6:05 P.M.
We're just exiting the Kewaunee exit in Green Bay, heading for I-43. So, I've got another 2 hours of driving ahead of me. We stopped at a Shell gas station by Shawano to fill up the tank. I got out of the car and almost collapsed; my knees weren't strong enough to hold me, they buckled. My legs felt weak as well. Maybe I just sat in the same position for too long--I don't know. I digress.
I went inside to buy a drink and go to the bathroom. When I did, the cashier instantly gave me bad vibes; man, was she in a mood. I bought a Raspberry Ice Tea, $1.47. I pulled out my bills and clutched a $1 in my hand. I put the rest away and hunted for change in my other pocket. I pulled out 2 quarters and 2 pennies, hoping to get a nickel back. I gave her the change; she looked at me with the bitchiest and most disdainful expression ever. She jerked her shoulders, or upper torso left and right and shook her open fist in my face in annoyance.
"What?" I asked, affronted.
"This is what you gave me," she sneered and shook her hand less than six inches from my nose. I saw only the change in her hand and realized I still clutched the dollar in my other hand. A glance confirmed my suspicions.
"Oh!" I said. "Sorry. Here!" I held out the dollar.
She snatched the bill from my hand, a condescending smirk on her face. What a bitch! At least I got the last laugh. She accidentally gave me .15 cents, instead of .05 cents. Idiot! I know, not much, but still, Instant Karma's a bitch--one I love!
The rest of the trip went smoothly and we arrived back about 6:50. It took me another hour to get home, and at last, I was able to rest. That's an end to this journey, and it's journal.

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