Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apostle Islands, Day 1

July 20th
12:52 P.M.
We left at 20 to 8 this morning. We drove for over two hours before our 1st stop, Bonduel. Munchies: $4.49. I fell asleep and woke up about 9:55; I was out for an hour at most. Later on we stopped in Minocqua--twice. Once at a bread shop--which I didn't even take off my seatbelt and get out, let alone enter the store--and then at McDonald's. I ordered Chicken Strips and fries equaling $4.74. Expensive? I think so!
While we had stopped, I called my brother, Brian, for help on resizing my pictures. I set it on M1, superfine texture. Now I have room for nearly 500 pictures at a pretty good quality and size. A good amount unless I decide to take video.
We're about 2/3 of the way there now--maybe farther. It should be a couple more hours. Write again, then.

2 P.M.
We stopped for gas at a Mobil gas station. I went inside to go to the bathroom and boy, they had a lot of cool stuff: gems, food, cigarettes, gems, necklaces, pendants, gems, and shoes, oddly enough. Now we're driving through Ashland--lots of construction going on here.

Construction in Ashland.

I just saw a chipmunk go galloping by--must've been checking out our food that's cooking. I killed a massive spider in my tent that looked ready to spawn thousands of replicas. Glad I squished it when I did. I hate spiders!
We arrived at our Campsite on Siskiwit Lake Road, and then Siskiwit Shores. We met up with Shawn, Jess, who's 5 months pregnant, and Mark--our guides. We were appointed tents and tent-mates before beginning our wet-exits and kayaking lessons.
After many screw-ups and running back and forth several times, I was finally ready to go in the kayak and do an underwater exit. Albeit in an excessively tight life-vest (I was the last one ready)--which had to be switched for bigger size--and in an awkward spray skirt.

Spray skirts are on the left, life vests on the right.

I completed two wet-exits without difficulty and a nose full of of muddy water--TWICE! Ugh.
Drying was a pain--again I had to elicit the help of others to get my shirt and shoes which were completely across the campsite. I must've left my brain at home.
The food got started--a promised Cajun dinner which turned out to be spaghetti! Un problemo? Si!
Soon we're going to make smore's and hot cocoa. Now? I'm going to go and lay in the hammock.

Hammock, sweet hammock!!!

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