Friday, July 11, 2008

A Breathtaking Adventure

I'm not sure how to start this, so I'll just start. Last night I had one of the most amazing dreams that I've ever had in my life, and probably will ever have. I don't remember most of it, just the ending--most of it was a blur--but what I do remember, I will never forget.
I'm on some kind of trip, surrounded by people my age--late teens to mid-twenties--but this is not a school arranged trip. I don't know how else to explain it other than a mass gathering of people my age.
I remember getting settled in this massive suite with three other girls, who were unbelievably down-to-earth, out-going, and friendly--exact replicas of me. Odd, but true. We dumped our bags on the bed before approaching the three huge windows that were lined side-to-side. We stopped in awe, then moved forward. We stood so close that our breath fogged the glass. The scenery before us was enough to take away the breath of even the most pessimistic person on the planet. Outside were snow-covered mountain ridges, with bits of rock peaking through, that seemed close enough to touch. In fact, the hotel that we were standing in had to be built on the slope of the mountains, in a narrow valley. We could see only the lower 2/3's of the mountainsides before thick, whitish-gray clouds covered the higher peaks. Still, it was more than enough snow and mountain for me to fall instantly in a mixture of awe, fascination, and love.
There was a knock at the door, and we seemed to come down to earth, so to speak. One of the girls answered the door, and another woman ran into the room, chattering excitedly.
"Did you see the view?" she squealed.
We assured her we that we did--barely--before she starting yapping away again, talking about some really cute guys that were on another floor.
Some time has passed in a blur between our going to that floor and the time we walked into our suite.
The floor we went to looked like the lobby; it wasn't the lobby, of course, but sure looked like one. It was only a few floors below our own. I barely remember walking around talking to everyone else, but I do remember going over to the windows, and staring at the snow-covered mountain sides. And I do remember being so moved by the sight before me, I could barely breathe. I was there for an indeterminable amount of time before he showed up.
An extremely well-built athletic man who looked to be in his early twenties stood next to me, also looking out at the scene before him.
"Beautiful, isn't it?" he asked me, his voice soft with awe.
"That's the biggest understatement ever uttered," I replied, just as softly.
He smiled, and when he did, he seemed to glow with the most wonderful energy--the kind that makes you just feel indescribably happy and content and whole. He had that kind of personality. A rarity.
"You should come to my room," he said.
"I think there's something you would love to see."
Now, I know what most of you are thinking, but that's not what he meant, or what happened.
"All right," I replied. I wasn't the least bit uncomfortable, afraid, or hesitant about it.
We walked in silence, but it was an enjoyable, comfortable silence. Somehow I felt that I was finally meeting a friend that I had always known, but never before seen. When we entered his room, he told me to close my eyes--which I did--and led me to the windows.
"Open them," he said, a smile in his voice.
I did and gasped aloud. What I saw blew my mind. I felt stunned, blown away, unable to believe what I was seeing, but at the same time knowing what I was seeing was real. The scene before me was opposite of what I saw in my room. Here I was above the cloud cover, and immediately to the left, and incredibly close to where we were standing, was a snow-covered peak, with bits of rock showing beneath as well. Only about a few hundred feet of the peak was visible before the rest was swallowed by the pink-tinged clouds. There were a few more peaks showing in the distance, and on the horizon just a sliver of the sun was visible, turning the sky into fluctuating pink and orange streaks.

I've found a few pictures online that slightly resemble the scene in my dream. This is the best one I found. Flip the picture around so that the peak is on the left, not the right, and that's a near perfect example of what I saw in my dream. The only real difference is that the pink tinged clouds that cover most of the upper half of the picture aren't there, and the ice fog that you see in the lower half of the picture is instead clouds, with just a tad bit more pink and orange coloring.

"I want your room," I mumbled numbly. He laughed lightly.
With that, I started to slip into consciousness. The last thing I remember was the two of us sitting on one of the beds, talking--with frequent glances out the window, and momentarily silent pauses.
I only wish--no, my only wish is that I could somehow take the things I saw in that dream out of my head, and into the computer, or a camera, so that I could show others the breathtaking beauty of what I had seen. Until then, you can only imagine, not truly experience and see what I dreamed. Let's hope for the technology--as far-fetched as it seems--to come along for that to happen.

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