Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Overdue Introduction

I never thought about directly talking about myself, or even introducing myself to the blogging world. I just jumped in, feet first. Don't you hate you jump into a body of water, say a lake, off a pier and come up gasping, the water so cold you feel like someone packed you in ice? That's pretty much what I did. A rush job; just jumped in without a thought, and sludged my way back to shore. This post, for all the people who don't get symbolism (and no, that's not an insult!), is my shore. This is me, standing on the shore, recuperating, ready to start over.

My name is Sara. I live in Wisconsin--the one place I'd rather be anywhere else. People call this state the Cheese/Dairy State. I call it the Manure State. Sure, it's full of cows which produce dairy--ergo, it's full of shit. Now, I live in a nice--and when I say nice, I mean, friggen boring, depressing, and lonely--city called You Wish, People!
which is surrounded by dairy farms.
My only escape is when I'm at my University, stuffing my brain full of knowledge. Or taking pictures. That is my real escape. Is it symbolic of leading a life filled with misery and loneliness that I only take pictures of delapidated buildings? Maybe. Is it symbolic of me being an outsider, an outcast, that I only take pictures of landscapes void of people? Quite possibly.
But then again, I lead a life where I am content being me. Maybe a little fatter than I'd like to be, but still. I laugh, I sing, I write with a vengance. I fill myself with happy memories and happy experiences--90% of the time, that is. Of course, I'll always have the downs that come with the ups. Who doesn't? That's a part of life, isn't it? What's pleasure without pain; what's fire without water; what's the sun without the moon; and what's a woman without a man, and vice versa?
I literally have thousands of pictures that a psychologist, even a therapist would like to use to tear apart my psyche.
With that said, I am indeed a content person. The world on the outside is a miserable place, the environment on the inside is elated and peaceful. I don't know how I got here, but I digress.
One of my outlets is music. Some songs--and I know this will sound weird but then again, what about me isn't weird?--seem to bond or merge with something deep inside my chest. I feel a special connection the likes of which I have never felt with another person, or place. Music is unique and can keep a person in a depressed state or lift them out of one.
This blog has been an assortment of my past, my experiences--whether supernatural or not, my thoughts and beliefs, and things that I have put down on paper, whether they've been a masterminded short story, a moving yet confusing poem, or bits and pieces of my novels.
What this blog will contain in the future? That remains to be seen.

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