Wednesday, December 17, 2008

10 Rules on How to Live Life to the Fullest

1. Whenever your favorite move-your-body song comes on, dance and sing along, no matter where you are! (Like in a blizzard, with your window rolled down and the radio blaring!)
2. Laugh and giggle when something amuses you, no matter how silent others demand you to be.
3. Continue to be your weird self even when others are looking at you warily.
4. Create your own path instead of always following others.
5. Always be open to new ideas, even when they're not open to you!
6. When someone asks your age, don't be afraid to tell them. Hey, you've gone through a lot of shit to get to the age of 53--be proud of it!
7. When someone bumps into you and snarls "Excuse you!", smile serenely and reply, "Hey, nice to see you again! Maybe we can get together for lunch sometime!" Wave and walk away, leaving the person's open mouth and perplexed expression behind you.
8. One day, instead of going to work or school, play hooky and take that small road trip that you've been wanting to take for such a long time. Memories of adventurous excursions will last forever.
9. When someone tells you you're wrong, realize that the only thing that' s "wrong" at that moment is someone telling you you're wrong!
10. Just once, dance in a thunderous downpour and feel the rain wash the past away. Start your life all over!

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