Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Most Beautiful Snowfall

So far this winter, in the past three weeks, we've gotten nearly thirty inches of snow. Thirty! Last night it was snowing, again. Before I went to bed, I decided to see if the snow had stopped. Knowing I was only going to be out for a few seconds, I went outside barefoot. I nearly gasped--and not because of the snow. It was so serene, so absolutely beautiful; the snow was falling with a slight angle, coming down rather fast but yet it was absolutely still. There may have been a slight wind, maybe one or two mph, but I didn't feel it. I also didn't feel how cold my feet were getting into I stepped inside and yeeeeeeeeow!
What did I do? I dashed inside, put socks and my boots on, threw on some extra shirts and a sweatshirt, grabbed my camera, and headed outside. I took a picture, then looking at it, realized pictures wouldn't do the scene justice. (I was thinking of putting a few on here, but they are butt ugly and completely ruin the scene.) I tried a few more times, determined, before thinking, "Duh, I'll just record it!" This is the outcome. (You'll hear me talking in some of it.)

I don't know why there's a dotted blueish purple line going through the middle of my camera screen from the lamp, and I didn't want to mention it in case it didn't actually record it, but it did. Bummer. Yeah, I know the streetlamp itself is pretty ordinary and somewhat ugly, but what I was really talking about was the orange glow of the light itself. The actual recording captured the scene better than the photos did, but still not good enough for me. I really need a damn good camera/camcorder that can get really great footage of things in the dark, as well as capture the true colors of the environment--something this camera will do at times, but usually won't or can't.

In the second vid, I tried to capture the angle of the snow and the serenity of the moment. I probably should've shut up more, but in the third one I barely talk. Here I tried to show the amount of snow falling even in the darkness, but again, didn't work out quite the way I wanted it to. And yes, I really did this at 2 in the morning! Actually, it was the perfect time because there weren't any cars zooming around or kids yelling--it was complete silence (except for my voice, my footsteps, and the hum of the streetlamp.) But, standing out there a while, I began to feel the cold, especially in my fingers.

In the third--and last--vid, I just tried to get the snow without any sound, but you could still hear my breathing, the snow crunching under my feet, and the fingers moving around trying to get a better grip. "Looks like static, doesn't it? It's snow!"
In a way, the snow coming down kind of made me feel like I was flying through space at warp-speed. You know, in Star Trek when they're trying to get away from someone or something they hit that button and all of a sudden the stars' small dot of light becomes a streak and you shoot forward at hyper-speed? Or maybe swimming through a stream with a lot of bubbles being pushed by a current. Hmm...

A little footnote, here: Remember how I said we've gotten over 30 inches of snow so far? Well, add what we got last night, another 4 inches, AND what we're getting right now. Yeah, right now. I just looked out the window to see it snowing like fricken' crazy and another 2-3 inches of accumulation on my car. Damn it.

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