Monday, December 8, 2008

Nightmare or Just a Disturbing Dream?

Last night I probably had not only one of the weirdest, but probably the most disturbing dreams I've ever endured. Like many other dreams, only the end of them are vivid--most of the beginning lost in my subconscious. I have to say this: In most of my dreams, I'm watching myself from a different position. The only logical explanation I can come up with is that I'm having Outer-Body experiences. I never knew it was possible to have those in a dream-state! I don't know, maybe there's a different reason for it, but for the moment, I lack the knowledge. If I could, I would draw a picture to help you follow along, but words will have to do.
My dream begins with a boy about the age of 12 (me!) stumbling along an autumn riverbank--which looks more like a small gorge containing a trickling stream--tall brown and yellow grasses crackling under my feet. The width of the stream is about 2 feet wide, the vertical riverbanks about a foot high. (In my dream, I'm following from about 5 feet away, looking up at myself. From the angle, that meant that I was wading--but what felt more like floating--through the water.)
To get back on track, I'm stumbling along the edge of the stream, frequently glancing over my shoulder, as if I'm being chased by someone or something. I get far enough away--probably about a mile or so--where I finally feel safe enough to stop. By now, the once small stream/river (whatever you want to call it) has widened from 2 feet to about 16 feet. The water was still an eerie black, as it had been since the beginning, and could've been 40 feet deep for all I knew--it was too dark to tell any kind of depth.
I sat down to rest before heading back and looped my arms around my legs, peering across the glassy surface of the slow moving water. Every once in a while, a small ripple would shatter the stillness and not in an "Oh, it's just the wind that's causing it," way but more in the way of, "Something is in the lake, displacing the water within its depths." (Hint, hint)
The next scene in my dream, I'm going along the same riverbank, the exact same path as before. Only this time, though, I'm with quite a few more boys, all dressed in some kind of uniform, like Boy Scout clothing. And this time, it's no longer autumn but winter, and we trek through several inches of snow to get to the same destination I had been before. The snow was beautiful and the air very cold. Again, we stopped at the same area--nearly the same spot--and looked around. I'm not sure why we we're even there. I do remember, though--very vividly--what happened next. One of the other boys dared me to step out onto the ice that extended about 4 feet or so from the bank. When I said no, one of them gave me a slight shoulder-shove causing me to slip and fall onto the ice. With the momentum, I slid to the farthest extension of the ice, which was, of course, too thin to support my weight; the ice beneath me shattered and I slipped into the freezing liquid. I completely submerged before coming up, gasping for air. I felt something gently bump the right side of my back, a few inches below my shoulder. Shocked, I scrambled back up onto the ice. I glanced over my shoulder and what I saw made me shove myself violently away from the ice's edge so that my back and arms touched the snow-covered bank. I supported my body with hands that slipped on the slick ice, my legs twisted underneath me.
For an indeterminable amount of time, there was absolute silence as everyone stared, stunned, at the sight before us.
There, in the murky water, floated a man's body. What had bumped me, was the man's shoulder. When I had looked to see what had touched me, the body was still a few inches below the surface, but was rising rapidly. By the time my back hit the bank, the man was bobbing in the water; parts of the back side of his body were above the water's surface. The fact that I can even tell you what color shirt he was wearing is extremely disturbing to me. (It was a reddish brown, or the color of rust.)
What's even more disturbing to me, is the fact that when I woke up, I didn't think much of the dream. I just thought, "Hmm... weird..." before getting up and getting ready for school. I don't know if it was because I was just waking from my slumber and I wasn't entirely conscious yet (though I felt more awake than I usually do in the mornings) or what, but it wasn't until tonight when I relayed my dream to my brother and mom, that the dream unnerved me. More like completely freaked me out. I could feel shivers going down my spine, and my stomach twisting uncomfortably every time I thought of it.
I'm not sure what this dream means, and I'm not sure I want to know. Would you?

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