Saturday, December 20, 2008

Runaway Horses!

Yes, this entry is actually about runaway horses.
This experience is actually fairly old (in days, that is); it happened at the beginning of December during our first snow. I was running a little late for classes and, lo and behold, a few miles out of town there were at least 7 cars backed up. I saw flashing lights ahead and though, "Uh oh, who went into the ditch this time?" With a glance, and to my surprise, I saw several people running on the highway--one who slipped on the ice and tumbled into the ditch. When I did my double take, I saw this. (I knew nobody would believe me, so I took pictures.)

It was then I got to thinkin', "How the hell did the horses get out?" And it's not like one horse said, "Hey! I'ma gonna jump over this slightly broken fence and make a run for it." No, I counted at least four horses on the run. Four! I think some idiot left the gate open.
I would've been mad if it hadn't been so comical. Seriously, there were so many guys chasing these horses who, probably moments before had been pulling a Braveheart, thinking Freeeeeeeeeeeeedom!--with an Scottish accent, of course--before being sighted and herded back to their pens.

See the little pinprick of a guy to the far right in the picture? Yeah, that's the copper. Mr. Cop over there got a little sidetracked and, instead of directing traffic, stuck around to watch the little horsies get herded back to where they belong.
Not somethin' ya see everyday, so I don't blame him.

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