Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sense of Place

"Sense of Place"
What does this really mean? To have a sense of place. By definition, your "sense of place" is the place where you connect with nature, with a certain landscape. For most, it's where they grew up, or frequently went to on vacation. It could also be where their family lives. For example, you live in Wisconsin but the rest of your family lives in Oregon. So for you, your sense of place is Oregon, not Wisconsin.
For me, it's an entirely different matter. Though I've lived in Wisconsin for the past 17 years, I feel no connection to this state, or its landscape. Sure, Door County is beautiful--a very picturesque place. The Apostle Islands are stunning, somewhere I would love to go again--but I don't feel a connection to them at all. There are many places I would love to visit again, such as Spain, Morocco, the Eastern U.S.--but again, I don't feel an attachment to any of those beautiful places.
My connection, my sense of place, is the state where I was born: Colorado. I've only visited it a few times since my birth, once with my mother, including my brother & family friends, and the others with my father & brother. The Rocky Mountains, the landscape, just takes my breath away. I feel a sense of belonging there that I have never felt anywhere else.
And... in a way... in a way I feel like I'm losing myself, little by little, every day I'm stuck here in this rancid state, instead of the place I belong. Yet, one day in the near future, I won't be stuck in this smelly state anymore--I will be where I belong.
I will be in Colorado, living within the borders of the most beautiful mountain range in the world.

I will be

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