Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thanks, Mr. Snowplow Driver

While I was out video recording the beautiful snowfall last night (at 2 in the morning--yeah, I know), I pointed out something that bugs the hell outta me. Here it is:

(In the video, you hear me state, "...then waking up next morning only to have your
car get stuck in the driveway because it (the snow) is all back there again!..." That actually happened, people. Now, about a week or so ago, the temperature rose above 40 degrees, so a good amount of the snow melted. It has snowed so much lately, that there is another foot--to say the least!--on top of the snow that melted and froze again when the temperature dropped to nearly below zero!)

And their drivers. They. Drive. Me. Insane!
Ya think they could be more considerate! Actually, I bet they get their kicks pushing several feet of snow into people's driveways. More specifically, I think they look for driveways that appear to have been shoveled, not snow-blown. They probably already have those houses memorized from either earlier snowfalls this year or just past knowledge--that's what
sucks about living in a small town. Everybody knows ya, so you really don't have any secrets. Now, here's today:

(When I say 'neck', I really mean 'chin'. That's how high that snow pile was. And again, I stop the vid too soon and cut myself off. Duh!)

That last video of the snow pile was of the sidewalk of the house kitty-corner to our own. It was probably about, I don't know, maybe a foot and a half of snow? Ours is a good five feet plus! We shoveled nearly a foot of heavy snow yesterday just to have an added three and a half feet of hard-packed give-me-a-hernia snow that had been pushed/piled back into the bottom of our driveway. Pisses me off to no end. And while my brother and I are heavin' and hoin', there are people everywhere, flaunting their shiny--probably friggen brand new--snow blowers, smiling inwardly as they push it along their 10-foot long sidewalk and very small, flat driveway. Grr... Sooooooo frustrating...

Thanks ever so much, Mr. Snowplow. Have a nice Christmas...

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