Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Difficult Task: Understanding the Afterlife

I want to say this--need to say this.
My uncle "died" November 23rd. But I do not consider him "dead". Yes, his body, the shell that carried his soul, is gone; his soul has been released from its physical cage made of flesh and bones. He is free from pain, and from suffering which he had endured for much too long.
I've been thinking of him lately. I know he's here, that he's watching. I can feel him.

This makes me wonder, if more people had my... sensitivity... would we as a race be so afraid of death? Consider it an end to all things? No, my friends. Death is just the beginning. From there we can see the past, the present, the future--all occurring at once--and we won't be afraid for there is nothing to fear. We just are. There, in that state, there is only the now, not the later, or the earlier, just this one moment in time that we are experiencing.
But that is just beyond the curtain, something we can't see--most of the time. Some people can see beyond the thin barrier, and what we see we almost never understand. That, therefore frightens us, and can give us more fear about our afterlife rather than a comphrensive understanding which will eradicate all confusion, hesistation, and terror.
Hey, I'm just like anybody else: I see many things that frighten me, mostly because I don't understand them, others because I know there is no way to protect myself from them. I mean, locked doors don't hinder those beings.
I believe the Dawn of a New Age is upon us, I truly do. It will be a while in coming, but when it does, I know many doors will open, possibilities will bloom for our species and the planet as a whole. Life as we know it will change.

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