Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well, it's been nearly a month since I've last written on here. What can I say? Classes started on the 26th--I've been incredibly busy. School is keeping me busy, that's for sure. I wonder, where will I be in a year? How about two years? Three? My plans, oh, my plans are never ending and ever expanding.
Plan numero uno: Move the hell outta Dodge, and go (hopefully) to Milwaukee to acquire a Bachelor's Degree in Geology (and maybe even in Atmospheric Sciences). DONE!
Plan numero dos: Move to Colorado, near Boulder. Possible Vail or Colorado Springs.
Plan numero tres: Become a Professor at a college nearby.
I know--those will take time, a lot, in fact.

Other, nearer goals are:
Numero uno: Get a job and make some money for the fall. DONE!
Numero dos: Take a trip to Apostle Islands with my mom (and possibly my brother).
Y numero tres: Send some photographs in to a museum in San Diego and achieve recognition.