Saturday, April 25, 2009

Will I Ever Meet Anyone?

Will I ever meet anyone who will actually love me? Not sure. Nearly 21 and still a virgin. Not that it matters--I don't care about having sex. And I'm not obsessed enough about it to go find some guy and screw him. I just wonder, does no one find me attractive? Does no one want to be close to me? Screw sex! I want a guy who just wants me AS I AM. A guy who wants to be close to me, and wrap his arms around my waist, and just snuggle. Will I ever have that?
Probably not something I should write about on here, but, honestly, where else can I write this down? Definitely not MySpace or Facebook.
Here, I have anonymity. Also, a wide range of readers with infinite, non-discriminative point-of-views may help me here. I'm up for any comments you may have. Some help, please?

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