Thursday, September 10, 2009

A New Beginning That Began With an Ending

I think I just watched the last moments of someone's life, and I don't like it. Not one bit. You know who did though? The guys galloping through the open door, shouting excitingly. They were pressing their noses to the dirty window, seven floors above the city, trying to catch a glimpse of the student who was sprawled across the street.
I didn't even realize what had happened until a bunch of girls ripped the Study Room's door nearly off it's hinges, and dashed to the window. Curious, I got up, and looked outside, down 60 feet to the intersection below.

At first I just thought it was a crowd, until some of the people moved, and I saw a woman lying half on the median, but mostly in the street. She had been hit by a passing car and her body rested 20 feet away from the intersection. Her friends were sobbing frantically, hands over their faces, while people just milled about, no idea what to do.
It seemed like an hour had passed before I heard sirens. I tried to see what direction they were coming from--all directions. It took a good 15 minutes before a cruiser arrived and moved the group people to the sidewalk.
Students in the room were going, "Aw, man, some girl got smashed! ... AWEsome! Anybody see the impact?"
"Yeah, exciting, isn't it? Wish I'd seen it happen..." another added.
Angrily, I snapped, "You wouldn't think it was so exciting if was you lying there, now would you?"
Of course, they thought I was just some crazy woman. Ha, maybe I am. Still, in this wayI believe I am sane. I couldn't help but be disgusted with these people.

As I watched the ambulance arrive, I couldn't believe that they weren't helping her. Well, yeah, they put her on a stretcher, and then into the ambulance--but they didn't go anywhere!
By now, pretty much everyone had left because, well, there was really nothing more to see, was there? I stayed and watched, silently encouraging the drivers to go, but the vehicle remained stationary. About 10 minutes later, the coroner showed up, parking next to the ambulance. Then I knew she was dead.
Turns out the occupants of the car had bailed out after they'd crossed the bridge. As the car was speeding from the bad part of town, I can surmise that it was stolen.
I found out later that the girl was a student residing in my dorm, and that this was her first year of college. Well, doesn't that just suck. I really feel for her parents.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life Is A Tragedy

Today's (or tonight's, rather) Statement:
Life is a tragedy we must all endure. A beautiful and daunting tragedy. The unknown is meant to be unraveled, and we each play a part in this grandiose plot we call Life. Yes, life is an ethereal tragedy, don't you agree?