Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Not-So-Subtle Approach of Other Worldly Beings

Okay, I know I haven't posted anything in literally ages, but growing older and going to college means lots and lots of responsibilities that are time-consuming. Plus, Facebook is a little addictive, I must admit. Well, I really have to get back on here, because I love being able to write my experiences and thoughts down where they're not overly criticized and torn down just because they are not the 'norm'. What is the 'norm', by the way? I digress--that's for another conversation, at another time. The real reason I'm here is that I have to write something down, something that I just experienced that literally made me jump, physically and violently twitch. Here goes:
I was just sitting down at my desk in my college dorm room, listening to some music, watching a Supernatural clip here and there, when a hand pressed against the left side (from the top of my skull to about an inch above my left ear) of my head. It was an immediate electric jolt that shot through my body, causing it to jerk roughly. The affected area soon fizzed, or buzzed, or--I'm not really sure how to explain it. Kind of like when your foot goes to sleep, and then you have to get up and walk on it. Or maybe when you get a zap from your door handle or something else from static electricity that your feet caused against the carpet. But imagine that a thousand-fold, incredibly powerful, vibrating along your nerve endings but ONLY on a certain, designated area of your body--in my case, my skull.
It fizzed violently for a good half minute before diminishing to a subtle thrum vibration. Then, again, it stayed in that state for maybe a minute or two. Then, suddenly, instead of the odd sensation vanishing, that whole area flared painfully, like somebody had twisted my hair in their hands and yanked viciously. I am not kidding. It still hurts like fricken crazy, and this happened nearly 15 minutes ago.
Since the beginning of the semester, I've sensed something in my dorm room, but it was subtle--very, very subtle. And hey, I'm not bringing this up to my roommate that's, well, pretty much, for lack of a better word (or there are better words, but they're rude) is blah. That's not the way to start off the semester. 'You never need unsay anything that wasn't said in the first place.' A proverb I heard somewhere, once. And for this situation, very, very true.
Now that Blah has moved out, what I've sensed has gained power and energy. Every night when I turn the lights off, I sense it standing in the entryway/hanger/closet, strong and overwhelming. Half the time, I whirl around and flick the lights back on, my heart pounding.
And I never see it with my eyes, but within my mind. Whatever this thing is, it is massive. At least 6'5" and just plain huge, like a body-builder or something, but well-muscled over its complete form. All I can see clearly--or sense clearly--is its eyes. And they are the most ferocious eyes I've probably ever seen in my experiences. They're not evil, just... burning with intensity.
I'm an intense person. I live, breathe, and act intense because my energy is at such a heightened level, that most people are like, "Whoa... she's eccentric." And not in the way that I'm odd, or weird, but that my vibes are very powerful. I find that most people act crazy around me, like screaming at the top of their lungs--when talking will do just fine--or running and jumping around like they're on crack--which I know they don't do. My hypothesis--which is further encouraged by other spiritually and mentally advanced beings--is that either these people are feeding off of or absorbing my excess energy which, for them, leads to an overload of their senses and they just go crazy, or they feel (possibly unconsciously) like they need to act in a heightened state of being just so they're able to be in close proximity with me, to be able to converse with me. So not true. Er, that was on the order of a tangent of the second degree, I think, but, anyways, my point is that this entity--whatever it is--is so intense in its energy that it is so intimidating that it scares the crap out of me. Well, not that much, but enough to thoroughly unnerve me. Back to tonight's event.
I have no idea what 'it' wanted. Whatever it was, it didn't get it--unless it was after my attention, then it got exactly what it wanted. I still feel like a thousand needles were poked into my scalp. Very painful, let me tell you. I still don't know what--or who--this entity is, and honestly, not what it wants, either. If it were evil or malicious, then I wouldn't be living in this room anymore...
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Okay, touching... touching!
Uh, sorry, I had to stop there for a second. Something brushed from right below my left ear, along my throat and halting at the back of my neck. A slight pressure, soft and gentle, was exerted before it disappeared. Now there's that same electrical buzz on my skin, but it's greatly reduced in intensity and more like a gentle hum or fizz. Very, very subtle.
I wonder.
Was that a signal of encouragement: 'You're on the right track; I'm not here to hurt you!' or was it an apology of some sort?
Look at where I paused mid-sentence. What do you think? Apology or reassurance?
This just reminded me of other experiences that I have had, here, in my dorm room. My desk has a mini bookshelf right above it, and for the past couple of weeks, things have been flying off the shelf and hitting me in the head. Yesterday, it was my brush. I put it back in its spot, and shook the desk viciously. The brush wriggled, but no, it didn't come flying off of the shelf. Now, that's a little, maybe one pound brush. About a week ago, I had a 3-inch thick, very heavy hard cover book fly off, slam into the top of my head, and fall to the ground. After I stopped cursing from the pain, I realized that my head was barely an inch (in height) below where the book was resting and nearly a foot away from this miniature book shelve. If that would've just been nudged off due to vibrations of me bumping the desk, it would've crashed on my hands and arms, not the very top of my skull, and then bounce to the ground. Something had to pick that thing up and drop it on me.
Okay, this thing wants attention, clearly. Now that it has gotten my attention, what does it want?
And on that note, I've written way too much for this entry. Being verbose isn't a bad thing, but at times it's trying to the readers. And, apparently, I have much on my mind that I need to get down and out on paper, or in my case, since it's a blog, into cyberspace. Adieu, my friends. Another time, and hopefully soon, at that.

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