Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Possession Within the Dream

This dream pretty much takes the cake of dream cakes. I'd say it's in my Top 3 weirdest dreams--and I never have normal ones, so the list is long, as you can imagine.
I can't remember the first dream of that night clearly, but I do remember the last.

What I do remember of the first was that incest played a major part in the dream. Now, it had nothing to do with my family, but some fictional family. I recognized not one person in that dream. 
The last dream, though, I consider much freakier than the first. It was very, very peculiar.
What I clearly remember was sitting upright in bed, in an odd position with my left foot tucked against my right knee, and my right foot inches from my right hip. I was also rocking back and forth unconsciously. More like tilting, rather. Kind of like when you're falling asleep in a chair, and your head keeps nodding, tipping to a certain point before you slightly jerk awake. But in my case, my whole torso was was tipping like that. Finally, after immeasurable moments in a trance between the state of wakefulness and sleeping, I remember a very sharp tilt jolting me awake. Numb and still becoming more aware by each moment from my sleep-ridden condition, I looked down to see my laptop sitting on my bed, directly in front of my legs, open and on.
Startled, I pulled it into my lap, and saw that a word document was also open, and in it, 71 pages had been written. I had written a mini-novel in my sleep.
Rather, it was like someone or something had possessed me in my sleep, taken control of my body and typed out this lengthy story.
What did I write?
I remember reading the first several pages, and as I read them, I was pulled into an alternate reality, where I was in that novel, watching the written scenes unfold. I was standing in the middle of an alien invasion. The more I read, the more I experienced.
A horde of aliens were invading the dimension I happened to be in at that moment. They moved through and past crowds of frightened people, almost dismissive in their attitude. For some reason, they were not interested in us. Whether they were just surveying the planet, or exploring it, or looking for something--not us--all of that changed quickly. As they were moving through the crowd, a couple of men attacked and killed some of the little, green, multi-limbed aliens, they turned from indifferent to vicious, and started killing everyone in sight.
When I read that part--was seeing that part--I yanked myself from that alternate reality (truly the best way to describe what I was experiencing) and back into my body. And in my dream, I remember lurching off my bed, away from my computer, but soon, the lure of curiosity and the desire to know what I saw, to validate that it was not my imagination, drew me back.
I remember avidly reading the rest of the mini-novel on my plasma screen. It was very startling. I cannot remember the whole thing. The last thing I truly remember was walking upstairs, into my Gamma's kitchen, and as I looked out the window I heard a deep growling. I turned to see one of those aliens standing in the doorway to the living room. When it rushed at me, I jerked awake.
A very, very unusual dream--even for me.
I wonder, still: What could it mean?
Any thoughts?

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